Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) Laws in Pakistan


Law evolves according to the needs of the society. After the Industrial Revolution the next chief revolution that re-designed the ethos and commerce practices of mankind is the Technological Revolution. Among all the marvels of the contemporary world what transformed the man most is the InfoTech innovation.  Telecom, Media and Technology have become the spine of human communication. The Covid-19 pandemic reassured the call for shifting to the virtual space by replacing the physical one. From Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z and to the burgeoning Generation Alpha, all are users, subscribers, consumers or customers of Telecom, Media and Technology.

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Pakistan being a developing country is also developing new laws to regulate these sectors. The swing in culture has modified services, dealings and disputes. Therefore legislation in the field of Telecom, Media and Technology is essential. In Pakistan, the following are the substantive laws governing Media, Telecom and Technology:

  1. Telegraph Act, 1885
  2. Pakistan Telecommunication Act, 1996 (the PTA Act)
  3. PTA Rules, 2000
  4. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority Ordinance, 2002 (the PEMRA Ordinance)
  5. Telecom Consumer Protection Regulations, 2009
  6. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority Rules 2009
  7. The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 (the PECA)

Pakistan, being the member of World Trade Organization has adopted the Basic Telecommunications Agreements therefore practices and utilities have becoming safer. This makes the demand of TMT sector and legal advice manifold. 

Media trial, Technology theft, online fraud, telecom harassment etc are on the rise. How do we safeguard against TMT offences? Law firms and individual law practitioners having the norm of Corporate Social Responsibility are stepping in to protect citizen’s rights. 

AJS Law Associates is a leading law firm in Pakistan. Having the domestic zeal and a global perspective makes its law associates / law practitioners a prudent choice for those who wish to protect their TMT rights. 

In Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority regulates the conduct of service providers under the PTA Act of 2006 and PTA Rules of 2000. In the era of social media where freedom of choice and global communication are the offerings; but it has its curse as well. Harassment and the breach of privacy is the predicament the users of TMT are facing. The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 (the PECA) is a comprehensive draft to protect and prevent any such harassment. 

The only yardstick to determine the harassment is that you “feel harassed”. Telecom, Media and Technology sector is spread to facilitate, assist and entertain you and not to feel harassed, threatened and breached.  If you are puzzle about finding any remedy against TMT harassment or breach; let AJS Law Associates assist you. We advise you and prepare a ferocious plaint or defense accordingly.