Property Laws and Real Estate

In Pakistan, within the common legal system, property law governs various types of ownership in personal property and real property that is considering land as distinct from movable and personal possessions. Movable and immovable properties have a demarcation in the civil law. Movable property conforms to personal property whereas, immovable property to real estate property.

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AJS Law Associates can advise their clients on transfer of immovable and movable properties, lease agreements & conveyancing both residential and commercial in Pakistan. Our property lawyer in Lahore not only provide services to facilitate the required permissions for setting up different commercial complexes industries, industrial and residential estates and factories across Pakistan. 

Our Property lawyers have worked on important development projects that demand the highest level of legal and industry knowledge. We can advise our clients on housing societies, hotels, resorts, shopping malls, golf clubs, apartment complexes etc.

We also provide expert advice on Property Registration Fees Tax, Excise Duties and Capital Value Tax. Our Property Lawyers are expert in:

  • Commercial conveyancing
  • Transfer of property
  • Lease agreement
  • Attain a certified copy of (Aks-Shajra) map
  • Attain a certified copy of (Tatima) Supplementary Map of the property
  • Examine & authenticate title documents of the property
  • Examine & authenticate mutation in favour of the vendee 
  • Demarcation details
  • Drafting of the documents
  • Registration of conveyance deed
  • Transfer of title
  • Entries in relevant government record
  • Attain a No Objection Certificate, if required
  • Authentication of the Power of Attorney 
  • Authentication of other documents e.g. mortgage deeds, gift deeds and mortgage     deeds
  • Sale and Purchase of the Property agreements/Deeds
  • Possession and Declaration of the Title of the Property
  • Inheritance transfer and share division of the property
  • Surrender, Transfer and Relinquishment Deed
  • Registration of the Deed before Sub-Registrar
  • Succession and Letter of Administration
  • Lease and sub-Lease of the property
  • Housing society Transfer / mutations
  • Sale Deed / Conveyance Deed
  • All kinds of property Deeds
  • Property Documentation
  • Property Tax