Family Law

AJS Law Associates can advise their clients in various areas of family law i.e. matrimonial laws including divorce, khula, custody of a child, maintenance of a child, and inheritance law, succession of inheritance, declaration from the court and family financial settlements.

Our lawyers, advocates and expert affiliates (Consultants) have earned recognition from our clients overseas and also from legal entities in Pakistan who acknowledge our excellence in deliverance. We, as a credible platform of legal consultants can plead or defend you against family claims. Quick legal solutions, result oriented counseling, troubleshooting consultancy, vigilant advocacy and fierce defense are our corporate Norms. Our expert advocates and family lawyer in Lahore deal with every client through clear understanding, integrity and advocacy.

Expert Family Lawyer in Pakistan

We are a law firm in Pakistan which places a great deal of emphasis on the unique requirements of our clients, believing in that one size fits all advice is not applicable and a more tailored legal support is relevant. We ensure that our clients receive quality legal solutions as we focus on developing long term working relationships with clients, who demand accurate and perfect legal advice. With JS Law Associates, there is no need to hire a multitude of lawyers as we can deliver in the areas of Family Law, Inheritance Law and Property Law in Lahore and its surrounding cities.  

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We guarantee effective representation of overseas Pakistan community who have limited legal assistance in matters of Family law, Inheritance Law, Khula Law, Divorce Law, Custody of a Child, Maintenance of a Child, Maintenance of a Spouse, Succession Certificate, Drafting of Declaration, thus facing complications. That is where our credible team serves as a catalyst in providing authentic legal advice assisting clients to make the right decision.

Inheritance Law – Succession Certificate in Pakistan 


Under Pakistani inheritance law, Succession or Legal Heir Certificate is required for distribution of movable & immovable property left behind by the deceased. Our Inheritance legal experts can issue proceedings to obtain succession certificate in Lahore and other cities of Punjab. The law for the procedure for Succession Certificate has to be followed in accordance with the Succession Act 1925. A Muslim Will does not need to be proved; the succession certificate is sufficient. Our Inheritance law expert lawyer team can help you review whether your Muslim Will is valid or not.


In accordance with the Succession Act 1925, when a person dies, A Succession Certificate is required to be taken from the Court of Law in order to transfer the assets / movable property of the deceased among the legal heirs. In case of succession of property, all shares are distributed amongst the heirs of the deceased according to Islamic laws. According to Islamic Laws, as there is no concept of Will for more than 1/3 of the property, the property of the deceased could not be bequeathed or transferred to one legal heir without the consent of other legal heirs.


The application for Succession Certificate can be filed by the legal heirs in court of law. 

Inheritance of Property during the lifetime by way of Gift or Trust


A property can be disposed of by way of Hiba (Gift) or Trust during the life time and no one has a right to claim or challenge the decision after the death of the donor. Those who wish to give away their property during their life time so the property does not become part of inheritance may get in touch with us and our team at AJS Law Associates will be happy to give you a suitable legal solution for this.   

Our Goal is to fight for the rights of our valued clients by providing complete legal directions on the subject. We are also providing complete consultancy to overseas Pakistani clients. 


According to Islam and law, a husband does not need any reason to divorce the wife but needs to follow the legal procedure of divorce in Pakistan in order to make the divorce effective. A copy of written ‘Talaq Nama’ should be sent to the wife and to the chairman of Arbitration council. Notices are sent by the arbitration council to both the parties. Efforts of reconciliation are made. Talaq or divorce becomes effective if no reconciliation takes place within ninety days, however, if the reconciliation between husband and wife takes place within 90 days, the talaq will be deemed to be ineffective. 


Islam has given the right to a wife to part her ways from a relationship through Khula but she cannot take khula without a reason. 

In order to get khula, the wife has to file a case in family court. The case for dissolution of marriage is filed by the wife in the court which issues notice to the husband.


A wife can pronounce the divorce without a court decree if she is delegated the right of divorce in Nikah Nama. Our Family lawyers can assist our clients in getting divorce certificate in Pakistan. 

Custody of children in Pakistan

Our panel of family lawyer and expert affiliates in Lahore, Pakistan have a competitive edge in child custody laws in Pakistan. The custody law in Pakistan safeguards the rights of both husband and wife. Custody of child in Pakistan is a sensitive matter and cases of child custody in Pakistan should be dealt with due care and intelligence. Our law firm in Lahore can assist in conducting a smooth procedure of child custody in Pakistan. The father and mother both reserve the right of child custody in Pakistan. In Pakistan visitation right of a father or mother can also be provided by the guardian courts in Pakistan.


Guardianship certificate in Pakistan

Guardian certificate can be provided by the courts when there is a need of appointing a guardian of the child. The guardian of child in Pakistan can be appointed for the maintenance of children or property of children. Our family case lawyers in Lahore Pakistan can assist you in getting a guardian certificate from court.