Constitution Law and High Court Writ Petition in Pakistan


Constitutional Law is one of the most compound yet challenging branches of law. Referring to the political development and legislative evolution, Constitutional Law in Pakistan undergoes relentless reforms that only an expert and excelled lawyer can decipher

Constitution is your Guardian Angel that awards you many rights. The constitution also guards you against all the violations of the given rights. By believing in common legal maxim “Ubi-Jus Ibi-Remedium” (for every wrong there is a remedy), our Constitutional Lawyer /s can provide you Constitutional remedy for Constitutional Wrongs.

Our legal team holds good judgment in the field of constitutional law of Pakistan. AJS Law Associates’ Constitutional Lawyers in Lahore can deal with your following Constitutional matters in Pakistan:

To serve with honesty and dignity

Our team of Constitutional Lawyers can represent, plead and defend your writ petition / constitutional petition in all the High Courts (Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, and Peshawar) and related Tribunals in Pakistan. Having global clientele and international credibility in the field of law, AJS has emerged as an authority in constitutional litigation and writ petition cases. 

AJS takes pride in our legal team consists of the pristine high court lawyers/ writ petition lawyers / constitutional lawyers and advocates. We can advice, plead and litigate in the constitutional matters and writ petitions.

Constitutional Law of Pakistan

At present, the relevance of the constitutional law in Pakistan is assuming an all-important role due to the consistently changing legal and political conditions in the country. Moreover, relevance of constitutional law of Pakistan holds a significant position in tackling community issues and public order problems. Additionally, the issues of citizens’ concern and common interests are all interconnected with constitutional law and other areas of law in Pakistan such as the powers and jurisdictions of government, the role of the state institutions, protection of civil liberties and freedoms. 

The concerning issues of constitutional law of Pakistan is a matter of common interest for every citizen in knowing their rights, limitation and the role of the government functionaries in order to establish a society that delivers justice and better governance in all areas, including legal. Under Constitutional Law, the citizens not only can demand their rights but also can file any violation against any such rights.

Writ Petition 

The traditional writ petition is one of the most effective and efficient way to get your remedy against administrative bodies as well as against the public offices. AJS Law Associates has a legacy that carve the paradigm of our team to give them unique perspective and understanding of the relevant regulations and evolving legal concepts of the constitutional law. AJS team of Associates / Constitutional Lawyers/ Constitution law consultants and advocates can serve the clients’ confidently in matters pertaining to writ petition in Lahore High Court, their reviews, injunction, stay orders and other related constitutional law issues.

Writ Petition in Pakistan and Lahore High Court

AJS team of Associates / Constitutional Lawyers provide assistance in filing writ petition in Lahore High Court through their specialised team of Advocates High Court on behalf of their valuable clients. A writ petition can be filed in individual cases as well as for businesses to ensure that their rights are not breached. Adhering to Corporate Social Responsibility, our team of high court lawyers and constitutional experts offer you value added legal service. These legal services and expertise are not limited to high courts but to the Tribunals, Benches and Committees and Special Courts formed under the Constitutional Law and Federal Law of Pakistan. 

How to file a writ in Pakistan

A writ is an order or direction issued by the High Court or Supreme Court for a public office holder to do or not to do an act. Moreover, writ petitions are filed in Higher Courts. There are various forms of writ petitions in Pakistan that can be filled as per the specified circumstances of the concerned client. Different kinds of writ petition in Pakistan are as follow;

  • Writ of Habeas Corpus 

If a person is illegally detained by a government officer or a public authority, the Court can order to release him and summon the detained person through the writ of Habeas Corpus.

  • Writ of Mandamus 

If the public officials do not perform their duties for which they are bound, the Court can order them to perform their legal duties under the writ of Mandamus.

  • Writ of Prohibition 

If the Lower Courts or a government entity uses their powers beyond their jurisdictions, the High Court or Supreme Court in Pakistan may order them to stop doing the said act by the writ of Prohibition.

  • Writ of Certiorari 

If a legal error is believed to be committed, the writ of Certiorari is issued by the High Court or Supreme Court to Lower Courts or a government entity to transfer a particular matter to the higher courts.

  • Writ of Quo Warranto 

Quo Warranto writ in Pakistan is only for Public officers to inquire about the legality of a claim which he or she is not entitled to do.

A writ petition can be filed in High Courts or Supreme Court in Pakistan against the state, authorities, legal persons and companies discharging public functions and government agencies, in case of violation of fundamental rights.

How Can AJS Law Associates help you with filing writ petition in Lahore High Court or other legal cases pertaining to Constitutional Law in Pakistan?

AJS Law Associates specialises in the field of constitutional law of Pakistan, High Court writ petition, stay orders in High Court, injunction in High Court, and review petition in Lahore High Court as well as in other High Courts of Pakistan e.g. Islamabad High Court. Our law firm is a connoisseur in constitutional litigation and writ petition defense pertaining to the law of writs and constitution of Pakistan. Our expert and tested team of professional lawyers / advocates are amongst the best high court lawyers and high court advocates who can provide competent legal assistance to you in legal disputes, constitutional litigation, and other wide range of services related to filing writ in Lahore High Court or Pakistan. Our prime pitch is to decipher the Constitutional Law for our Clients and encrypt it for the defense!