Practice Areas

Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law is one of the most compound yet challenging branches of law. Referring to the political development and legislative evolution

ADR in Pakistan

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a legal method for dispensing timely justice and it ensures swift resolution of disputes without going through the hassle of courts…

Business and Contract law

We at AJS Law Associates take pride in providing business law and contract law expertise to the businesses in Pakistan.

Family Law

AJS Law Associates can advise their clients in various areas of family law i.e. matrimonial laws including divorce, khula, custody of a child

Property Laws

property law governs various types of ownership in personal property and real property that is considering land as distinct from movable and personal possessions.

Immigration Law

People are migrating to different countries more than ever. Some migrate for personal reasons, some for family reasons and some for business reasons.

Media and Technology Laws

Law evolves according to the needs of the society. After the Industrial Revolution the next chief revolution that re-designed the ethos and commerce practices of mankind is the Technological Revolution.

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