To serve with honesty and dignity

Our law firm in Pakistan was established in 1987. We are dedicated to providing high quality legal services and representation to our clients in Pakistan as well as in Europe, the UK, the US etc who have shown great confidence in approaching us for their case resolution. The firm’s policy “to deal with the matters of the client in a rigorous & confidential manner” has earned us complete reliability and integrity in the eyes of our clients.

We guarantee effective representation to the overseas Pakistan community who have limited legal assistance in matters of Family law & Property Law in Pakistan, thus facing complications. That is where our credible team serves as a catalyst in providing authentic legal advice assisting clients to make the right decision.

AJS Law Associates provide result oriented counseling, quick legal solutions and best client services. 

Selecting the right lawyer in Pakistan could be a complicated task. Whether you go with a friend’s or colleague’s recommendation or rummage through an online law directory, there is a pre-requisites to be taken into consideration like selecting a lawyer whose experience and area of practice correspond with the required area of law.